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Texas divorce laws, right to settlement of community and separate property after 22 years of marriage

Austin, TX |

Do i have a right to a settlement. I was with someone for 22 years The last 12 years we lived in a house that she bought. Over the last 12 years I have paid around 72000.00 dollars in mortgage payments. Then I was told to leave. Am I entitled to any settlement?

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Maybe. Your title indicates that you were married, but your actual post indicates that you were living together. Generally speaking any property acquired during the marriage is community property. All property is presumed community, unless one party can prove it is separate. Even if it is separate, the community may be entitled to reimbursement for improvements or enhancements. If you had an informal (common law) marriage, then you have the same rights and responsibilities as if you were formally married. You need to meet with a lawyer to get a complete assessement of your situation.