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Texas Child Support/Health Insurance

Little Elm, TX |

My ex-husband was ordered to carry health insurance on our 2 kids. I am covering them through my work, amount is auto deducted as his employer does not offer insurance. He has never paid this amount. The local Attorney General Office shows he has to pay for it, but they said for them to collect he has to come into their office with me. Also, his employer has not responded to them and he is not paying through the state although it is ordered he pay that way. He has been late making the payments on his own which puts me in a huge financial bind. What can I do?

Is there a way to get him to pay for the medical coverage for the children without him accompanying me to the AG Local Office because of course he will not be willing to do that. I cannot afford an attorney to go back to court regarding this and so I am stuck with him not paying on time. I called the local AG office and they said they had not heard back from his employer regarding the garnishment. Is the employer legally obligated to respond and comply with them?

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The OAG has the power to petition the court to enforce this action against both your exhusband and his employer. That presumes that the orders currently in place are properly prepared, filed and served. You are experiencing the difficulty in getting results from an agency that is overwhelmed with cases. You should reconsider retaining an attorney -- many will work with you on a payment plan. If not, you just have to keep being the squeaky wheel.

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