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Termination of parental right for an absent father .

Greensboro, NC |

I have been trying to terminate the parental rights of my sons father who has not seen him in 4 years. When we were married he wasn't around anyway. I had filed DV charges againist him for myself and my older child ( not his) and he was deported. He came back illegally , went back to prison and got out?! i don't know how. He signed a letter asking me to drop the charges and he would Terminate his rights, but when I signed it, he left and fooled me. he never paid child support or supported my son in any way. My Son is disabled and needs a lot of medical attention. Legal Aid said they won't help me cause they don't do custody anymore !! I'm lost, scared and don't know what to do. FYI, I'm remarried and my husband has been caring for my son for 9 years. he would like to adopt my son

i believe my ex is running from the law again ICE is looking for him

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I encourage you to speak with an experienced family law attorney. Typically, you will need to file a Petition in the county where your children reside. However, you will need to serve a copy of the filed Petition on the father. An experienced family law attorney will explain the different alternatives relative to serving the absent father. The process will be lengthly but will be easier if you have someone on your side to assist you with the navigation of the legal system.