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Termination of an employee/employee then texting on personal cell phone

Hershey, PA |

I terminated an employee. He text my personal cell telling me to fax over info to an unknown number. I replied that it was my personal cell phone& he not to text my personal cell again. They text me back said that they know i got the message& I better take care of it. I told them I was not taking care of anything& if they contact me through my cell again that I would press harassment charges since the place of employment does NOT pay for my cell phone. He is no longer an active employee at my store. If they want something handled they would need to contact me at work. He obtained a lawyer&said that their manager refused to fax over information. Am I wrong in not faxing this information over since he sent it to my personel cell? Once I leave I am no longer being paid through this company.

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Attorney answers 2


What information you are talking about is important to determine if you are wrong. Hard to tell what is really going on here. From my perspective, you may sound like you are standing on a technicality if you are depriving him of important information. You should talk to company H.R. or your company's lawyer.


It appears you work for a larger company. You should speak with your District/Regional Manager or your company's legal department.

Do not attempt to deal with the former employee's lawyer on your own.