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Terminated and need direction....

Albert Lea, MN |

Ive worked for a specific city gov. for about 5 years. was terminated in violation of precedent, dept policy, city policy and MN statute/rules. Never gave formal statement, never received advisories, tried to find an attorney and they fired me before I could, never given copy of complaint or investigation results, etc. Requested documents they have for appeal (Loudermill hearing) and they provided me none.
Reference MN statute 626.89 and MN rules 6700.2000 - 6700.2600. Dept policy same as statute.
Does "at will employment" apply (dismissed any time/any or no reason) when statute exists?
Do I have strong recourse against their violations and actions?
Defamation caused this entire situation, at what point can I act on that?

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Hello. In my view, you certainly need private attorney assistance for this matter. It would entirely be inappropriate to state 'yes/no' sorts of responses to your post. I urge you to seek attorney help immediately, because in this area of law there are multiple rigid time deadlines in which you must act to assert your rights, or else you forever lose your ability to initiate certain legal (or other) actions. If finances are an issue, some attorneys, myself included, will provide a reduced fee based on your need. All the best.

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My colleague is correct. You should consult with an attorney. Your situation should be discussed in person, rather an online forum. Many employment attorneys, such as myself, offer free consultations and would be glad to freely consult with you.

Adam W. Klotz

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