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Tendent/Landlord-- Environmental problems

Los Angeles, CA |

For about 2 mouths now my girl friend has been getting these red marks on her skin and and we had nt the slightes Idea of where the can from. We made assumptions but we really never know. She has went to the dermatologist to see if he know what was going on with her and frankley he couldnt point out what use exactly wrong and just gave her some cream to apply to the red marks. They kept coming and finally we came to know from are research that they where beg bugs, blood sucking pests bit her while she was sleeping. Also the apartment manager know about this problem and many tendents who live here but it was never tookin care of and now my girlfriend has permenent marks all over her body to where she is Inbaressed of herself crying every everynight and once she contemplated suicide. From the damage this has caused her financial and emotionally do do you think we have a case?

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Thanks for using Avvo. Please note that I am not licensed to practice law in the state of California. Due to the high volume of questions right now, it may take longer for some of our loyal Avvo lawyers to get back to you. In the meantime, I wanted to offer some preliminary help.

There are many kinds of defects that could make a rental unit unlivable. A rental unit may be considered unlivable if a nuisance endangers the health, life, safety, property, or welfare of the occupants, but keep in mind that California laws does not hold landlord's responsible for damages caused by the tenant, tenant's guests, or pets. I have attached is a web link to access information on landlord tenant law and other housing issues.

You should consult a top Avvo-rated lawyer in your area. Good luck.


Dear Tenant,

I am licensed in California. Please note that only licensed attorneys can give you legal advise in the state of California. For an unlicensed person to give legal advice in California is a crime, and I believe that applies equally to website postings.

First of all, I see that you are in Los Angeles. You should call the Los Angeles Housing Department (866) 557-RENT and ask for a Code Enforcement Inspection. You should do the same with the Los Angeles County Environmental Health Department (626) 430-5200. These agencies can both order your landlord to exterminate the bedbugs. If your landlord refuses, he could end up with a criminal complaint against him. Please do this as soon as possible because this is the fastest way to fix the problem.

Your girlfriend does have a case for personal injury. Please note that she has only two years to file a lawsuit. In the off-chance you live in a building owned by the government, she may have to make a claim within six months, so please consult a (licensed) attorney promptly to make sure all your rights are protected.

Fran Campbell