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Tenants setup a temperate pool, Do I have responsibility for any accident if occur?

Dunellen, NJ |

My tenants ask to put up a temperate large pool (the kind adults can get in) in the fence back yard. And I said YES. If anyone from this tenants or his guests or even other people sneak into it, and accident happens, do I have liability?

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Without knowing more its hard to say. There may be some liability if you knew about any dangerous conditions and tolerated them. This is a fact issue and every one is different. This why we have insurance to protect against these issues.


You could possibly be responsible if the pool fence does not meet local code. You could also be responsible if you were aware of a dangerous condition (or should have been aware...) that causes an injury. You should consult your local building code to see what kind of ordinances apply to above-ground pools, if any.

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