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Tenant moved in a Pit bull

Downers Grove, IL |

I have a tenant that Moved in about 2weeks ago. I stop by todo a home vistor and heard a dog Barking. Tenant is partial blind and stated that this a see and eye dog that was giving to her by HER school. What type of proof should I request for? I visit her last resident before she moved into mine and there were know dog living there. I have a rule that your pet weight can only be 10 pounds or less! Should I go up to the school and request for Proof? What I dnt understand is that she live at the the school for 5days and the dog stays at the house with her boyfriend. Another thing Im afraid of if this dog bite some one Will I be responsible for this? I need to removed this dog of my property, Ive other tenants in the building.

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Attorney answers 1


Something does not seem right about this situation. You should take your lease and any other paperwork you have regarding this tenant and consult with a local landlord/tenant attorney. The answer to your questions is probably in your paperwork.

FYI: If the dog is really a pit bull, it weighs more than 10 pounds.