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Temporary orders vs Temporary Parenting Plan? Is Temp. Parenting Plan more than likely to become Final Parenting Plan?

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I am going through a modifican of final parenting plan. Other parent has documented and extensive history of DV. I got an exparte order other parent has supervised visits(but not using it) I am going to my show cause hearing and I have filed my proposed temp. order. How does this work? Is the temp order only in effect until the adequate cause hearing? When do we propose a temporary parenting plan? Does either the temp. order And/or temporary parenting plan usually become the new final parenting plan?

Also, exparte order states other parent must be evaluated for certain things, but has not done so..Is this considered a violation of the exparte order???
I have not been served a response and the hearing is less than a week away. How long does the other party have to file and serve me?

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The answers to that multitude of questions are mostly on-line in the civil rules, the local rules, the Washington Law Help website, chapter 26 of the RCW on the Washington Legislature website, and the cases on the MRSC website.
In general, courts rule to provide for what is in the best interests of the children. Temporary parenting plans are usually ordered during the time between the initial filing of a divorce and the ordering of a permanent parenting plan.
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