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Temporary protected status ,does it get transferred to the local USCIS office usually ?

Skokie, IL |

We have been waiting on my cousin case for a few months now,and his case just got transferred to the local USCIS office ,is this a usual procedure,the main office sends it to the local one for a decision or something else went wrong ? he filed the right stuff and fingerprints were taken months ago and all

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It is normal to have cases moved to local or other offices for a decision for an interview. It doesn't always mean that something went wrong. This sounds normal.

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It is a completely normal process. You can call USCIS or schedule an InfoPass to find out more information.

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Transfers are entirely normal. But I do think tps is most commonly approved without interviews.

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USCIS routinely transfers cases for various reasons. It doesn't necessarily spell trouble unless there's reason to be concerned.


Do not worry, it's completely normal. Possibly this indicates that it is in the last stage of processing (hopefully).

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