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Tell me how you can get a dui conviction without a blood or urine,or breath test,and how can you have a felony fta to a misd ch.

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Ticket was 5yrs old,court failed to pursue a open case,jp ward,was drunk,drakulich knew it, court report could'nt believe it,ward allows thecase to move forward,at trial states only witness,ex-fallon deputy could not recll anything for the state,deputy's testimony impeached,yet I was still convicted of 2nd. off. dui,not a 3rd.but still got wacked for 3yrs total,between fallon co. jail and 4 different prison locations, because I would not quite,jeff morrison,james stone,paid,but failed in there duty to protect the rights of there client, the tribunal organized to convict was in place,they even hsd that idiot stone shaking in the court room,like to know what they told the coward,this just the tip of the iceberg,they violated my rights to a speedy trail,my so-called constitutional rights,and

the right not to be hailed into court at all for the unconstitutional charge,to much time had elapse,deputy statement was impeached,no kind of blood or breath test's at all,all attorney's rolled over like pet dogs, they violated fed rules,state rules and judicial rules of conduct ,with possible cannon rules violations,you call that justice,judge roy bean would have made a better ruling.

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While I don't practice in your state, here is my take on your question.

First, your question is so confused, mis-written and mis-spelled that it makes no sense whatsoever. It sounds like ravings instead of a question. I'm not being harsh, just accurate.

It appears that you were convicted of your 2nd DWI (not your 3rd) but did a total of 3 years in various prisons.

The rest of your so-called question is a diatribe about what transpired in prison and court which makes no sense.

Sorry i can't give you any specific advice based upon that background. Why not try to write your question down on paper first, edit and make sure it makes sense and then enter it on a computer. And make sure you're entirely sober before doing so. Its likely to come out much better that way.

Good luck.