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Teen Marriage- do both parents need to consent?

Miami, FL |

I'm 17, and my fiance is 20. I'm a Florida resident, and he's an Illinois resident. I'm moving up there soon for college, and we've been talking about getting married before I move up there. Do both my parents have to sign, or can just one do it? (I live with both of them, but one of them doesn't get out of bed like, for anything. But still mentally competent). Would he have to move down here for us to get married, or can he remain an IL resident? What would the forms we need to fill out be, ect ect? Thanks xx

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I believe by statute passed in 1973 by Florida Legislature. See: Nicolay 387 So. 2nd 500 (1980) the age of Florida emancipation is 18. FSA 1.01(13) and 743.07 Here is Illinois the 20 year old is already emancipated.

So, I expect to be married in Florida you will need both parents consent.

If you are married in Illinois, the person doing the marriage ceremony will inquire if you have both parents consent since you are only 17.