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Technicalities of a shoplifting case

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I was caught shoplifting today in an Ohio Macy's. The loss prevention officer didn't have to try too hard to wheedle the merchandise out of me, but he only ever asked for the sweaters he had seen me take on the cameras. (Valued at less than $200). However, I was carrying multiple shopping bags at the time full of over $600 of merchandise from other stores in the same mall. I'm a descent human being and I have a good angel sitting on ONE of my shoulders. I was so embarrassed and humiliated that all I was hoping for was this guy to ask me "Do you have anything else? Because you can give it to me now and the consequences won't get any worse..." But he didn't say that. He let me sit in the corner quietly brooding over my bulging bags until the police officer arrived. He wrote the ticket and everything and we were on the way out when he asked to search my bags as an afterthought. And that was that. $1,000 is much worse than $200. Can they fry me now for the things they found at the end? I wanted so badly the whole time to just give all of that stuff back and TELL them, but I was too scared of getting a worse penalty and neither of them even asked me until the last minute. Then I felt like I had done something even more wrong for concealing the fact that I had it all.

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Consult with a criminal defense attorney. Stop posting on the internet. Statements like this can be used against you. Exercise your Miranda right to be silent.

There are ways through this issue. However the amount of loss changes the underlying criminal charge from a misdemeanor to a felony. Thus, the penalty changes from jail time to prison time.