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Table of contents for immigration paperwork??? part 1.

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1. Cashiers check for $355 (Fee for I - 130)
2. Cashiers check for $1010 (Fee for I-485)
3. Form I - 130, Petition for Alien spouse.
4. Copy of every page of U.S citizens passport.
5. Copy of immigrants birth certificate + translation.
6. Certified copy of marrige certificate.
7. Certified copy of U.S citizens divorce papers.
8. Form G - 325A filled out by the U.S citizen.
9. Photograph of the U.S citizen.
10. Form G - 325A filled out by the foreign spouse.
11. Photograph of the foreign spouse.
13. Form I - 485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or Ajust Status.
14. 2 additional photos of foreign spouse.
15. Form I - 765 , Application for Employment authorization.
16. Form I - 131, Application for Travel Documents.
17. Form I - 864, Affidant of Support, under secti

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Attorney answers 1


I think it would be difficult for any attorney to answer this question. Based on the information you have given, I do not know for what benefit you qualify. Are you eligible to file the I-485 or I-131? I have no idea.

Separately, you do not have to hire an attorney for your paperwork. However, you have to bear the burden of making filing mistakes. Hypothetically, an applicant who proceeds without an attorney could face a situation where he initially qualifies for the I-131. If he makes filing mistakes, he will lose time because USCIS will send back an incorrectly filed application. By the time he figures the matter out, he may have lost the ability to qualify for the I-131. The point I am making is that you might consider having a consultation with an attorney before proceeding with this on your own.