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Survivor Benefits for 19 yr old college student from Social Security Administration. Calif they can I hear, is that true of NV

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when my daughter turned 17.5 SSI sent a form saying IF they are 18 and in college they can still collect benefits fill out the form and return we did all the leg work and my daughter took it in, I was at wrk coudlnt take off. lady told her NEVER heard of it. I called 800 they said call local office. now she is 19. I am hearing YET again that YES it is TRUE as long as she is a STUDENT she can collect survior benefits. So why does a lady living in nv collect for her 19 yr old son in nv from nv and I am getting the NEVER HEARD OF answer. This is an Honor high school graduate student. Her father is deceased. I would think SSI should help his kid out since he passed in 2006 and they only got high school finance from survior benefits, they cant help fund education or discount their eduaiton

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Look at the SS website and you will see that the benefits do not apply to a 19 year old in college. Here is link.

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I agree with Mr. Dugan. The child can collect survivor's benefits up to age 19 if they are in school below College level. Once they turn 18, they have to still be in high school or some other type of schooling below college level in order to collect the benefits.


I agree with Mr. Dugan & Mr. Lupisella.