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Surgical error causing permanent damage reasonable lawsuit against surgeon?

Lawrenceville, GA |

Oct 2010 had pingpong ball size ganglion cyst removed from Lt dorsal wrist. Within few days had nerve pain along inner aspect of hand including index and 2nd finger. Was told it was just nerve irritation and should go away. Rapidly developed rigid, swollen wrist and fingers. Diagnosed with RSD by 3 doctors. Underwent 7 months of intense physical therapy including adjustable tension splints, Lyrica for the nerve pain, 2 unsuccessful nerve blocks. etc After almost 9 months still have abnormal nerve sensations in hand, swelling, tightness, pulling as well as residual finger stiffness. Saw plastic surgeon to see if anything could be done. Answer no. Wrist x-ray revealed scapho-lunate diastasis with report stating most likely caused by ligament injury during surgery as well as nerve injury.

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That sounds like a huge cyst removed from your wrist. If you feel that the doctor breached his duty of care as opposed to you not getting the desired outcome you wanted, retain a local medical malpractice lawyer from Avvo to order the medical records and review.

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I agree with Mr. Lassen. It is difficult to say whether you have a valid medical malpractice claim without a thorough review of the medical records by someone qualified to state whether your doctor's work fell below a reasonable standard of care, or whether the result you experienced is a normal or known risk for such a procedure. Medicine is not an exact science and sometimes there are known risks for such procedures. Only a qualified medical malpractice attorney (likely with help from a medical expert) will be able to properly evaluate whether you have a valid claim. Most medical malpractice attorneys will offer you a free initial consultation so you have nothing to lose by setting up a consultation. Good luck.

The information provided is general in nature based on the limited information provided and does not constitute an attorney client relationship. This attorney is licensed only in the State of Washington and is not rendering you legal advice. The information given is for educational purposes only. The best advice would be to consult with an attorney in your local jurisdiction for answers and opinions based on specific and more detailed information relevant to your case specific question and the relevant laws in your area.


Doctors should do no harm. If the medical records reveal that during the surgery errors were committed and you were harmed as a result, you have the possibility of a legal claim against the surgeon. From the procedures you describe, you have an abundance of medical records that need to be gathered and reviewed. In Georgia, every lawsuit against a doctor must have an affidavit from another doctor stating that he or she has reviewed the medical record and has concluded that medical negligence occurred and caused you harm. The report stating that ligament and nerve injury occurred during surgery gives you good reason to pursue this matter further with a medical malpractice attorney in Georgia.

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