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Suppose, I have an expired F1 student visa. What are the consequences?

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Could America's administration force me to leave out of the country? . In general, if anyone who is illegally in the United Sated, what might be the consequences?

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Not unless they come to seek you out ("ICE"). None really, unless and until come into contact with either law enforcement or DHS agencies. Will always be able to adjust status later based on a marriage to a USC.

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Consult with an immigration attorney if you ever desire to apply for an employment based visa or travel abroad.


Government officials could force you to leave the country if you are here unlawfully.

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Deportation from the US and possible 10 year bar from re entering the US once you leave. If you are young and want a future in the US, find a way to stay legally here. Talk to a lawyer to see the best options.

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