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Supervisor broke confidential meeting information with management and a former employee. Do I have legal recourse?

Phoenix, AZ |

My bi-weekly supervision meetings with my supervisor is supposed to be confidential. She went to management and told them what I stated in our and then called a former employee, to tell them to back off giving me advice. My supervisor didn't hurt my reputation, however, does she have a right to do that?

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Your supervisor has a duty to the company to act on information that he or she learns that may impact the company. Without knowing more, I don't see any claim here. Good luck.


Based on the facts you've described here I don't see a claim. I agree with my colleague's prior answer that your supervisor is entitled to act on information you provided on behalf of the company. If there are additional facts that you feel are important you may want to consider discussing the matter in detail with an employment lawyer.

This answer is based on general principles of law that may or may not relate to your specific situation and does not constitute legal advice. I believe you should discuss the details of your specific case with an attorney. I am admitted in the States of Arizona and Idaho only. You should not rely on the information provided here in lieu of a personal consultation with a lawyer. Nothing in these communications creates an attorney-client relationship.


Whether she has a "right" to doesn't matter. There is no right of yours she violated unless AZ has some statute/law that says otherwise.

Please be advised that there is no attorney-client relationship between us. No attorney-client relationship exists between us until an engagement agreement has been fully executed by both of us. There may be statute of limitations issues and other factors that may impact your legal rights and remedies. The information provided is for educational purposes only and is otherwise not to be relied upon for any purpose.

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