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Supervised visitation

West Orange, NJ |

Due to my ex's inappropriate behavior, DCP&P is involved. I will request for supervised visitation. My ex agrees on it if no monetary charge on him. Do we need to go to the court? Or we can just sign an agreement? If we need to go to the court, do I need to hire an attorney or I can DIY?

Second question, if we need to share the cost for the one who supervise his visitation, he would fight with me about the supervised visitation. Should I accept I pay all the cost to avoid the fight?

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If you are going to initiate supervised visitation, it would be prudent to have that incorporated into a Court Order so that your co-parent cannot simply back out of his agreement to do that at his whim. (If DCP&P is involved, I would think there would be some sort of ongoing case and/or someone that would be reviewing the arrangements for any visitation/parenting time). You can attempt to go to Court on your own with this, but given the sensitive nature of the proceedings and the legal intricacies (particularly with DCP&P involvement), I would recommend that you consult with an attorney.

Various counties have supervised visitation programs within the Court system that may be available to you at little-to-no cost.



Thank you, Jodi!

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