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What can happen if a defendant or an attorney does not pay sanctions that the judge orders to pay?

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First, you can submit to the court a judgment of the sanctions amount, which you could enforce as any other judgment creditor upon the judgment debtor. Second, some courts may look at the circumstances and determine that it is in contempt to not pay the sanctions and order further sanction, even to strike the answer or somehow limit the evidence at trial or issues that the party in contempt may wish to raise.

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You can't submit a judgment unless the case is over. There can only be one judgment in each action.

You can however alert the judge that the sanction hasn't been paid. Since the sanctions were ordered by the judge, the failure to comply with a court order is contempt, which may be punishable by further sanctions, including criminal ones.

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you can convert the sanctions order into a judgment. You can bring an OSC re contempt for failure to pay the sanctions motion as well.

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