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Summons to court for car accident that happened 2 years ago.?

Rockville, MD |

I am freaking out I thought this was done and over with. I got a summons saying that I being sued for 100,000 for non economic damages. I hit the vehicle from behind and I had insurance. Weren't they supposed to pay? Can she really win? minor damage was done to my car we were in 25 miles zone and his bumper was hit. No serious damage, at most he needed a new bumper. He is claiming that he is hurt. Yet I've seen him around and he is fine, That is why i am shocked that i am being sued. Will my insurance get me an attorney? If I loose will my insurance pay? What good is insurance if i have to pay for insurance plus pay if I loose court case?HELP!

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This is an unfortunate situation in which to find yourself, obviously. Speak with someone at your car insurance company immediately to report the suit against you, and yes, normally someone in your situation will be provided with a lawyer to defend them. The reason you bought the insurance in the first place was to protect you against claims and suits like this. Ask your lawyer these questions and more and try to relax. Hopefully it will all work out well for you. I'm not licensed in your state but my response is general in nature and should apply. An attorney in your state will obviously be best suited to help you. Good luck.


The odds are good that your "freaking out" is completely unnecessary. The case has probably gone to court because the plaintiff's attorney has not yet been able to settle with your insurer. You should report the suit papers to your insurer immediately, and yes, they will provide you with an attorney, and yes, they will pay any adverse decision (at least up to the limits of your coveage). Feel free to call me if you want to discuss this further. Good luck.

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