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Suing the NYC Board Of Education. What type of a lawyer do I need and who wants to take this WINNING case?

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I am a student in a high school who has been severely [if that's even the right word to describe it] harassed by the deans at my school. Numerous incidents where the deans had disgusting altercations with me and I couldn't do anything back then because I lacked parental support.

Now that I am 18, I would like to press charges for previous and current incidents.

Altercations included :

1) I had one incident where 1 of the deans in my school threw a whole lunch tray of food filled with lasagna and meatballs at me [ALL CAUGHT ON TAPE] and I did absolutely nothing to provoke it.

2) I had an incident where the dean aggressively without any cause what so ever smashed her hand on to my food and tray and threw it out just because she felt like it.

I have countless other stories of such natur

Both those incidents were caught on tape and the behavior is beyond disgusting. The staff members at the school couldn't believe it and to this day remain in disbelief. I have so many more stories and I am still currently being harassed by the deans to a point I can't stand it any more and I am going crazy. IT is severely interfering with my life as a whole. I would really like to sit with a lawyer and talk about any legal action I can take. I really need help as soon as possible...

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I suggest you start with taking the issue to the Dept of Ed and letting them know about it. If you have evidence of inappropriate behavior you should show that to them so any issues can be corrected and dealt with. If you have witnesses to these incidents have them attest to that as well.

As to whether this amounts to a legal action depends on a number of factors but unless you were injured in some meaningful way or you can afford to pay a lawyer for her time on this it is unlikley that this will amount to anything.

One thing you may want to do is talk to a law school clinic for free or a social worker and see what their opinion is.

All the best,

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It is unlikely that this matter is best handled by a lawsuit against a governmental entity. Very complicated, time-cnsuing (can be years) and expensive with significant costs i addition to attorney fees. There is not much to incentivize contingency counsel as you are not horribly maimed or injured; were not held captive for extended periods of time, etc. Rude unprofessional conduct by adults in charge isn't good, but it's not the stuff of major lawsuits absent significant injuries. Also, none of the conduct described will support the filing of criminal charges ("press charges"). In fact, it may be that neither of the staff mentioned can be lawfully fired on the basis of your allegations.

Make your case an administrative complaint to the school, the district, even the State. That is your best option for meaningful change.

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When you turned 18, your disability of infancy disappears and you only have a certain time limit to file a lawsuit in your own name, so contact a personal injury attorney for his or her opinion as to the possibility and viability of starting a law suit. Since you are only 18, I am sure you have limited funds, and representation on contingency will require an outstanding case, so you should be prepared to go to a number of attorneys in the hope of finding one that will do this for you. Get cracking before you are out of time.

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