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Suing for divorce

Bayonne, NJ |

I want to sue my husband for a divorce and need to know if it will cost me anything. He currently has a case pending with immigration and I just found out that he has been living with his muslim wife and just purchased a house with his son that he and her reside in. do i have any claim to this property ass his legal wife

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You should consult a local divorce attorney to discuss your situation in detail. Important questions will be what you mean by "his muslim wife" and when you and he were married.


If you mean that you want to seek a divorce from your current husband there are many questions to be answered, when, how were you married to your hubsand etc. Is there Bigamy invovled etc.

As far as property - NJ is an equitable distribution state, meaning that property and debts acquired during the marriage are fairly distributed to the parties. Please consult an attorney as there are many tough issues to solve in your case.

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