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Suffered a brain bleed after a fall. 911 called. Day b4, ER dr said blood tests were normal even after vomiting so much blood.

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Asked about an Endoscopy while at the ER & Dr replied it was late in the day n I will be handled next day, anyway. So, why dont I go home & have me sched an Endoscopy d following AM. Lost consciousness and fell on my face after vomiting more blood the very next morning & this time, even having bloody diarrhea. Transported to the nearest hospital via 911. But when brain scan showed a brain bleed, was transferred to a larger hosp with a Neuro ICU. Kept for 3 days & was told had irregular heartbeat (AFIB), anemia. Brain MRI, Endoscopy, Colonoscopy, Venous Insufficiency test & other blood tests needed after dis. Have seen a Cardiologist, Hematologist, Gastroenterologist n will schedule 2 see a Neurologist. Cardio seen after bng dischrgd said heart is normal but had AFIB bec of d trauma.

Now have constant splitting headaches, have aches & pains similar to being in a bad car accident and is faced with mounting medical bills.

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Consult with a personal injury and medical malpractice attorney immediately to help sort everything out.


Have a local lawyer investigate.


Your case is too complex to determine whether or not you have a legal case. An attorney will need to speak with you and review the records prior to giving you a firm answer on whether or not you have a case. These cases can be costly and very labor intensive. Be patient and find a good medical mal-practice attorney.

This posting does not create an attorney client relationship and is for informational purposes only.


You need to consult a personal injury lawyer in the area, and have he/she refer you to a neurosurgeon for a consult.

Good luck,

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