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Sue for emotional distress and/or pain & suffering in small claims court in Michigan?

Ann Arbor, MI |

I had a very brief relationship with a man and ended things because of his violent and sometimes bizarre behavior as well as physical and verbal abuse . He sent me a letter stating that he was going to kill me and harm some minor children in my family . I was able to get a PPO against him that keeps him from coming to my job or contacting me or the children that he threatened . Now he has begun showing up at public buildings that he knows that I frequent such as the library and the post office where I rent a box . I don't drive so he shows up on bus routes that I use . He has not made contact but I feel he is trying to intimidate me . I have started to suffer from anxiety attacks and have trouble sleeping . I also have lost my appetite . I feel trapped .

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Call the police every time he violates the PPO and consider getting advice protecting from stalking. If this guy is as nutty as he sounds i would not advise suing him. That might just exacerbate the problem. Do everything you can within the legal system to keep him away from you and keep yourself safe.


You may be able to sue him, but does he have assets to pay any judgment? By suing him, it may only make his issues worse. He will then have reason to see you, in court, in depostion, etc. I dont know the terms of your protection order, but if he has violated that, Id call police. Maybe you can get an expanded protection order?


Call the authorities and document each and every time he violates the PPO. He should eventually grow tired of the police questioning him or at least you would hope so. Suing will likely make things worse.

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Call the authorities if PPO violated. Probably not a good idea to do anything else, and throw fuel on a fire.

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