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Submitted not guilty plea to magistrate, they are demanding collateral before they schedule my hearing?

Nanticoke, PA |

About 3 months ago I received a parking ticket for parking in my own parking lot of my apartment building. I received the paper to submit to the magistrate for my not guilty/guilty plea. On the ticket it says for the guilty and not guilty plea you need to submit atleast $50... and there was a second option for the not guilty which stated that if I couldn't afford the collateral I would need to come in personally to submit my plea (which I did). Today I receive a letter saying they require this $50 and won't schedule my hearing until they get it. Now what do I do? Their own paper says if I came in, in person, no money was needed... Help!

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It is normal for courts to seek collateral prior to scheduling a hearing. This ensures that you will show up for your hearing date. If you beat your ticket, collateral will be returned to you. In your case, I would go to the courthouse and seek their advice. It is likely that the letter you received is standard boilerplate. Good luck.

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