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Subdividing a lot in Rainier Beach for a manufactured (mobile) home. Lot would be purchased from ill parent for $1.

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Mom n law is ill, and we were told several years ago by the city her lot could be subdivided (she and one other lot on the street are the only two NOT subdivided). Because 40% of her property is a side yard, we understood the backyard cottage ordinance did not apply. We want to subdivide the lot (each being just over 5,000 square feet) and place our manufactured home on the lot. The Redman mobile home was built in 1992 and is just about 1200 square feet (28x38 if you don't count the eaves). All we can find are construction codes and a list of exceptions that made no sense to us, as well as where structures can be within a lot, the home would comply with all of those things and have room for a garage. We understand we would have to install utilities. Can we place a mobile home?

Any advice on even where to start would be greatly appreciated. The city of Seattle has not responded to our inquiries. We are doing this to be closer to Mom to better care for her. She is disabled and so am I. Also, Mom has a low income home improvement loan through the city of Seattle, would subdividing be an issue?

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If there is a loan on the property the lender will require a pay-off in most cases. The subdivision should not be too difficult but will cost some money in terms of fees and survey and legal descriptions. Look for a land use planner and get some bids.
Good Luck

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