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Stranger keeps walking past my place, should I be concerned?

Fairfax, VA |

My home is located in a cul de sac. During the summer around 7-9 p.m. both weekends and weekdays. I would often see this boy (looks like he is 15-17 years old) with red shorts and a t shirt walk around the entire cul de sac and then walk away another direction. While he's walking he would do short glances at homes including mine or stare into empty space. In Februrary I saw him walk by my entire cul de sac again around 6.00 p.m. but this time walking with a sweater and blue jeans( it was still cold in my area). I have lived in my cul de sac home for seventeen years and I have never seen this before. I am 100% the boy does not live in my cul de sac. My cul de sac does not have a sidewalk but road pavement which is where he walks on.

No incidents so far. Is he casing, should I call cops?

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Perhaps he's simply walking for health reasons or to get away from a bad home environment. It sounds like it's a regular pattern for him.

If you are concerned, just strike up a friendly conversation with him and tell him that you've seen him a lot and hope he enjoys his walks. If he's up to no good, he'll know he's been spotted and won't be back. If he's just out walking, you've made a new friend.

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