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Stopping at a Rail Road Crossing with two limit lines and NO wait here sign.

Monrovia, CA |

I drove up to a rail road crossing that has a sign that says "DO NOT STOP ON TRACKS" only.
On the approach there is a double limit line.
On the opposite side is a single limit line 19ft away from the edge of the track mat and a trafic light. As I got to the crossing the light turned yellow so I finished crossing and pulled up to the limit line and stopped for the red.
The motor officer was facing away from me getting on his bike the whole time. The light turned green and I proceded down the street.
The Officer looked at me as I passed, made a illegal U turn and stopped me for stopping ON the tracks. The ticket reads 22526(c)vc railroad crossing. I did not stop on the tracks.
I had to make an appointment to fight it in court. Have any advice I can use in court???

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Attorney answers 1


Traffic cases such as this one are usually best handled by just telling the Judge the story of what happened. If it makes sense and you can show that there is some ambiguity in the law, then you might just prevail.

Reach California Vehicle Code 22562(c) and be very familiar with it. I also suggest various photographs of the scene so that the Judge can see what you saw. I also suggest that you don't talk about the officer making an "illegal U-Turn" or things like that. Judges tend to have a high view of police and you will just harm your credibility. The case is not about what the officer did, but it is 100% about whether or not you violated the express language of 22562(c).

Good luck...