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Stop immigrant visa process

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HI, I am the sponsor of a person that will soon have an interview at the US embassy in Ecuador and get his immigrant visa, but I've found out some things about this person and I no longer want to be his sponsor. How can I stop the process? will the visa be denied if I cancel my sponsorship?

I should also mention that the person who filed the application is a disabled person who has no job and therefore no economic resources to be able to sponsor her son (over 18yrs) so I am the only sponsor. thank you

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It may be difficult for you to withdraw your Affidavit of Support. You would need to contact the National Visa Center and have the NVC case number and other information ready to give the person handling your call, and you may not have this information. If you don't, you can try calling anyway and explain that you want to withdraw the I-864 for this person; you shouldn't need to give a reason, other than you changed your mind. The telephone number for the NVC is (603)334-0700.

Good luck.

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Since the individual is already being schedule for the interview, this means that you as a sponsor, have already signed and submitted all of the required documentation for visa processing. The only way for you to now notify immigration of your intent to withdraw your sponsorship, is to contact the NVC with the case information, directly.

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That depends on whether this late in the process, the Department of State allows you to withdraw the Affidavit of Support.

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You should first advise the I-130 petitioner (the person who most likely asked you to be the Joint Sponsor "JS") of your wish to withdraw your affidavit of support so that the I130 petitioner can find an alternative JS and then at that time, having all new docs' required duly assembled, they can be sent to the NVC w/ hopes that the NVC will accept them and send them to the Embassy in Ecuador - this may cause a change in the interview date, but hopefully it will not result in the denial of the immigrant visa. If you proceed correctly, your withdrawal and a JS replacement should not result in the immigrant visa denial. Consular processes are complex and lenghty - if this is done properly you will not frustrate the purpose of both the petitioner and the beneficiary in Ecuador.

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