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Stolen item at JFK with Jet Blue member

Orlando, FL |

So today I got a call from Jet Blue saying they found my watch and if I wanted to press chargers. I said yes. They said I might have to fly in from Orlando to New York at some time. My question is when they arrest her(which they said they would) can I sue her for the time I have to take off work, plane ticket, and mental pain I had to go through for 3 weeks pressing Jet Blue to get my watch back. The watch is retailed at 700 dollars. What are my opinions or should I just drop the chargers?

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If you get your watch back consider yourself lucky. I would not spend any $$$ on a filing fee or an attorney to sue for a watch that was was returned to you.


Sueing this person for lost time, travel time, etc. is likely not worth the effort. Sounds like you will get your watch back though. You do not need to drop the charges in order to avoid the costs mentioned above. If the State prosecutes and you are a needed witness, it is the State that will bear those costs.


If this person was stealing watches at the airport, it is unlikely that she has any money to pay you

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