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Steps to handle attorney misconduct

Chicago, IL |

There is an attorney that is representing my sister-in law in a divorce case against my brother. I assume he has represented someone that has the same name as I so he is disclosing confidential information regarding that case to my sister in law, the attorney representing my brother and the GAL. He has told them I was his former client and that I did not pay him, that all my children do not have the same father, that I have been married multiple time. Although I am not the person he represented, it is unethical for him to be discussing confidential information regarding that woman's case with anyone. If it was me it is still unethical to be disclosing attorney/client information like that. My name is being slandered. I filed an inquiry with the ARDC, it has not stopped. Please Help

The soon to be ex-wife is taking the information that he is disclosing and spreading it. She has posted things he has said on OFW. The GAL and my brother's attorney have both advised him that has nothing to do with the case at hand. However this man is so obsessed with whatever his former client did or did not do that he is on a witch hunt at the expense of my brother's soon to be ex-wife and she too ignorant to see that. He has filed subpoenas for my brother's landlord because her name is Tricia Jones whom is in Afghanistan, he think she and I are the same person. He wanted her 3 last paystubs, social security card? What does that have to do with my brother's divorce case. This man is all over the board with unethical conduct and yet he charging all this to my sister in law that it pertain to her case.

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Await the outcome of your ARDC report and inquiry


Have you heard back from the ARDC? If not, you can call and ask about the status of your complaint and also ask whether you can file additional information.

The only other thing I can think of is to file a Petition for Temporary Restarining Order and Permanent Injunction. This is not to be confused with an Order of Protection and you would need an attorney to help you with this extraordinary request for relief.