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Steps and Time taken for each step for Green Card processing for H1B in EB2 category

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Can someone please explain me the steps involved and time taken for each step (if not definite, may be a range like 6 months to one year) for GC processing for H1B in EB2 category? Also, please explain the completion of which step would permit me to stay beyond the 6 year tenure (L1/H1) and what each step is dependent on.

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You are totally dependent upon the employer's support, at least until the I-140 is approved and I-485 is pending for at least 180 days.

PERM is filed by your employer. Allow 6 to 12 months for certification by the Department of Labor if there is no audit. Then the I-140 petition is filed with the USCIS. Allow anywhere from 2 weeks to 12 months for approval, depending on whether filed through premium processing.

The adjustment of status application is the last step. It can be filed alongside the I-140, but this depends on factors such as country of chargeability, and EB2 vs. EB3. Depending on your situation, you may have to wait around 6 to 10 years to file the AOS application.

PERM should be filed before completing 5 years in H1B status to extend H1B status beyond 6 years, but sometimes it can be filed a little later as well without any problems if the I-140 is approved before completion of 6 years in H1B status. Consult with an immigration lawyer for case-specific advice. Contact information is available in Avvo or through


You seem to be completely ripe for a consultation with a competent immigration attorney. I know, it probably will not be free, but at least, you will get your questions answered.

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1.Labor Certification - around 3 months to 6 months to be filed and after filing around 8 months to be approved or go on an audit or denied.
2. Form I -140 - on premium around 2 weeks after filing if no request for evidence
3. If dates current you can file I-485 concurrently with the I-140 if not depending where you are from you might have to wait between 4 years to 10 years.
Hope it helps.

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