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Step mom selling dads property off

Martinez, CA |

my parents worked 53 years and married that long too! they divorced mom is dead now but my stepmom is selling all of the property he had there one parcell left that dad didn'twant to sell and had a partner in it an attorney he recently died and she has badgerd him to sell it for years now that his partner died she has full control of my father him being 90 yrs old and she lies and abuses him to get him to do what she wants and she got him to sell that p0roperty so her and her 5 kids can have the million when my only brother and i sit and watch her do this is there anything we can do to stop her!!!1

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Attorney answers 1


It is difficult to watch the abuse and deception of a loved one, especially when you feel powerless to prevent it. Unfortunately, a bit more information is needed before your question can be answered. Your father is 90, but age is not an indicator of incapacity by itself. Does your father have any medical conditions or frailties that make him vulnerable to undue influence by your step mom? How long have the two been married? Does your stepmother have some manner of legal control over your father (i.e. is she his conservator or is she a designated attorney-in-fact). Also, you would need to clarify what forms of abuse he is a victim of.

There are statutes in place that are designed to protect people like your father but more information is needed to determine if he is truly a victim of abuse and/or undue influence.