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Statute of limitations DUI in CT. How far back state to state do courts check records?

Tolland, CT |

I was caught for DUI. BAC .24. If I had a previous conviction in GA in 98, will this influence the outcome of my case now 11years later?
Also does the DMV background check go back that far, incase I need an hardship/work liscense.

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Because your conviction in GA was more than 10 years ago, it should not count as a prior convicition in CT in the event you are convicted of the current CT DUI charge. You should consult with a CT DUI attorney. You can find a good CT DUI attorney by visiting the National College of DUI Defense website at

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No. DUIs are usually priorable for 7 or 10 years depending on your state.

Edward J. Blum


Under Connecticut law, your prior conviction most likely will keep you from being able to use the Alcohol Education Program to get the new charges dismissed. Also, the prior conviction, and your high BAC level, may make the prosecutor want to charge you as a second offender resulting in a minimum 120 day jail sentence. You should hire a lawyer for this case. We handle cases throughout the State. Please call me (860.236.9350) if you would like to discuss your situation further.