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Statue of limitations and Lance armstrong vs US DOJ

San Francisco, CA |

I am confused how statue of limitations apply. The DOJ is suing Lance armstrong for breach of contract for using banned substances for a sponsorship deal from 98-04 worth $30 million.

hasn't the statue of limitiations expired assuming it was more that 5 years after signing of contract or the breach/fraud has been discovered after more than 5 years ?

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Yours is a theoretical question whereas Avvo is really for people who need some guidance for their personal or business problems.

That being said, He is not being sued for breach of contract but other continuing offenses. Good news: he will have the best lawyers the private sector can provide.

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Is this Lance Armstrong posting anonymously?
These are good arguments, but likely will not apply to your situation.
Theoretically, the reason the statute of limitations has not run is because you denied you were using performance enhancing drugs all this time until just recently. Your recent admission could start the statute of limitations on a whole host of claims.


On the other hand, Lance, you can argue that, given all the allegations regarding your use of steroids for the past decade, the government reasonably should have suspected long ago that you were doping.