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Statue of limitations and disabilities filing claims.

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Is there a statue of limitations pertaining to filing claims and charges against entities and organizations when you have been diagnosed with a disability through notable agencies.

Ive had a noted disability in which courts here do not seem to recognize.My cases were mishandled not only by the attorneys representing me,but in one case the judge himself was told of this disability and neglected to take it into consideration.My daughters automobile accident i hired attorneys in which my health did not allow me to make proper decisions.Again attorneys misrepresented them as well.This occurs quite often in the pacific northwest.I have case #

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This is unclear. You are disabled and you want to sue for injuries caused by some entity or organization that disabled you? There are various statutes of limitations and rules that vary based upon the nature of the claim and who it is made against.


It can vary from as little as 180 days from the discriminatory act. Don't wait! Consult with a qualified attorney who knows employment law.


More info is needed. Was a notice of claim filed? Use Avvo's "find a lawyer" tool for a lawyer in your state to discuss.


More information is needed. There are a variety of statutes of limitations that apply to various injury claims. You will need to consult with a local personal injury attorney.

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