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Static-99 Risk Assessments for Sex Offender's

Irvine, CA |

I was reading that in January 1, 2012 all sex offenders have to get a static-99 risk assessment. I was arrested in 1998 and never got a static-99, but people who got arrested after 2006 had a static-99 from there probation dept. I called my probation Dept and the local police dept about how I can get a static-99 and I am getting the run around. Do I need to get a lawyer or should I try harder?

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Your question shows why people should never talk to the police without an attorney present.

It sounds like you're talking about a change to Penal Code 290.46, which allows people convicted of certain sex offenses to request removal from the California sex offenders website. You would only be required to submit a Static-99 -- which is used to determine the likelihood that you will commit sex offenses in the future -- if you make that sort of application.

You should NEVER volunteer information to law enforcement about your offense, except for the basic information required to register as a sex offender.


Beginning January 1, 2012, a registered sex offender will not be removed from the Megan's Law website unless a State-Authorized Risk Assessment Tool for Sex Offenders (SARATSO) deems the individual a "risk level of low or moderate-low." An attorney can help you apply for removal from the website, including the help of an expert qualified to conduct the SARATSO if you wait until next year for relief.

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