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Statements in Maryland

Frederick, MD |

Hello I was called in by the Maryland State Police for questioning and I asked for a lawery serval times during questioning and he just kept going and he said I made a statement but there was no recording device or statement from me or my signature saying that I said anything can that statement be thrown out of court I need help.

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You need to speak with an Attorney and tell him this, the attorney should find out if there are any writings, videos or tape recordings of you.

My name is Stephen R. Cohen and I have practiced over 38 years and can be reached at 213-819-1171. I practiced mainly in Los Angeles and Orange County, California. I am not seeking clients from existing relationships with other attorneys, and give only limited advise over the phone (the phone is primarily used to set appointments), these services do not create an attorney client relationship. I apologize for mispelling< as I am a lousy typist, My answers may offend as I do not believe in pulling punches or sugar coating the truth. Further regarding courts in other states my opinions are largely based on logic and what I think is the modern trend which is to consider the needs of the child.


I agree with Mr. Cohen that you need to discuss this with a criminal defense attorney. Your first mistake was agreeing to a meeting with police without counsel present. Don't repeat your mistake by doing anything further on your own.


Whenever someone is called to come into a police station for questioning, the time to pick up the phone and call a lawyer is that very second. Unfortunately, it does not help to keep asking for a lawyer to be present before you answer any questions, and then keep talking after asking. Yes, under Constitutional principles, if you can prove you asked for an attorney and that the police went ahead and kept asking you questions anyway, then statements may be suppressed, but if you restart the conversation you re-open the need to assert your right to a lawyer. You have another very important right: the right to remain silent. Unfortunately, you do not sound like you exercised that right. You should consult with a lawyer as soon as possible and go over the nature of the questioning and everything you said, so that you may be properly advised about the consequences. Needless to say, make no further statements without a lawyer present.