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State of Georgia hello I received a failure to yield ticket.

Atlanta, GA |

I went to court plead not guilty.I wasnt thinking to clearly ,i found out my sister killed herself that morning.I have to go back to court for trIal .I really haven't been to court before.I AM TERRIFIED WITH NO MONEY CAN .I PLEAD GUILTY NOW AND JUST PAY THE fine.My driving record is clean .I didn't feel I was responsible because it was night and just stopped raining .I was turning into a parking lot and the guy came by and hit my bumper.

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Attorney answers 2


If you qualify, you may be appointed counsel to represent your interest. Prior to your court date, as far in advance as possible, you should contact the public defenders office of the Court where your case is coming up and schedule an appointment to be interviewed to see if you qualify for a public defender.


Before you go back to court, you can call the solicitor's office and ask them if they would allow you to plead nolo contendere to the charge. If you haven't already done this in the past 5 years, this plea will allow you to keep points off of your license. There will still be a fine to pay, but no points.
If you are not able to talk to the solicitor beforehand, you can also speak to him or her on the next day you are scheduled to be in court.