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Stalking, demands to inspect home

Atlanta, GA |

I am 2 months behind on the mortgage, and a couple showed up with a camera in a black BMW car. They insisted on taking pictures of me, the house, the mailbox after I told them "no pictures are allowed." They stated the right to photograph the home (and me and the mailbox) from public property and refused to leave the street until I moved for them to take a picture of the NUMBER on the mailbox so they could get paid for their inspection. They refused to identify themselves except to demand to speak with the home owner. I am thinking about removing the number from my mailbox and changing it to a lockable one. They said they will be back.

Can I file for a restraining order? Can I legally disallow them to come on the property? Can I snap pictures of THEM and post on a blog?

I refused to identify myself as the home owner because of the odd way the couple was acting. They refused to identify the company they were working for. The wife was extremely pushy and had an attitude (probably from frustration?) I did write down the license plate of the car. We've had several "we buy ugly houses" people trolling the neighborhood asking about the houses, and a LOT of theft. So, I'm concerned. Is there any way I can keep that weird acting couple as FAR far away possible?

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In all honesty, I have no clue. Guessing that somehow you are on a lender's list due to being behind on your mortgage--perhaps they consider you pre-foreclosure and people are trying to line up to buy your home at a distressed price? Again, just a guess. As far as the privacy issue is concerned, I would also guess they can photograph from the public street but not sure that they can photograph you as individual w/o your consent (Again, not my practice area; this is just a gut feel). Either way, if they threaten you, perhaps contact the police... Sorry to not be more helpful.

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