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SSI for Daughter and Cause of Death Questions

Chardon, OH |

A friend of my husband's just died. It was rumored to be suicide by gunshot and calling hours were closed casket. My sister-in-law had a dream of his friend saying he wasn't dead and that how they think he died wasn't really the case. He was involved in some shifty things so I'm curious if it could have possibly been someone else as everyone said he wasn't the type to commit suicide and left a gf and young daughter behind. If they do find out it was someone-what would be the statute of limitations on trying someone for it especially if they already had an autopsy? And if someone else did it and say the family didn't want that to be known-would the death certificate be printed inaccurately? Just curious as he was a good kid and feel sorry for the family...

I just hope if someone else did this to him that they can get justice for leaving a young widow and child behind and family mourning. Also would the gf/fiance' (not sure which they were) be able to get SSI to help with their daughter or probably not since they weren't married? I just want to be able to help anyway I can. And hope they can find peace and maybe that will help at least financially with their child they had together. And if anything I hope justice will be served if need be but curious how it works.

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Usually no statute of limitations on the crime of murder. The death certificate would not be changed for the family absent some other criminal activity.


There is usualy no statute of limitations for murder.

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