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Spouse on LOA not paying support ordered, seeking contempt question

Everett, WA |

Spouse took voluntary LOA claiming its because of separation and not seeing kids when he wants. As a result child support not being paid, never has as he took same time it was ordered. If I seek contempt how will his refusal to work look to the court? He has a very well paid job and has been off for months. He has been playing paintball and otherwise having a great time playing. Yet claims he is depressed and its between him and his dr. He owes a great deal in back support and has told me to get a job and he would watch kids.

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He will be found in contempt of court and a judgment entered for back child support. The defenses to a contempt action are enumerated in the case law and the facts you have shared do not qualify as a defense.

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In situation such as this would it be reasonable to ask for judge to order him back to work or is this even possible?