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Sponsor form for my spouse

Greensboro, NC |

I am sending the petition for my spouse to become a citizen. My income does not meet the qualifications . So we need a sponsor. My husband the beneficiary , his employer has offered to be a sponsor . Please tell me which for to give them to fill out. Some of the forms I saw online are only for relatives and household members. Pleasse help !

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Your co-sponsor needs to fill out an I-864, but if your husband has been working lawfully in the US, he may be eligible for an exemption from having a sponsor. You should meet with an immigration attorney before filing any paperwork for your husband not only to make sure he is eligible for an adjustment of status, but that your petition and his application are properly completed and more likely to be approved.



He is not legal to work . He came on a visitor visa , it has been expired for some time now. We did consult with an attorney and I lost the paper that she gave us that gave the form needed for the sponsor.


You cannot sponsor your spouse for citizenship. Only the spouse can sponsor himself. If the quesiton is about affidavit of support for an intended immigrant, yes, any permanent resident or US citizen with qualified income can file I-864.

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His employer can act as a joint sponsor if the employer is a U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident. A corporation cannot be a joint sponsor.