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Splitting the Arizona Vehicle Exemption

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I have worked in bankruptcy offices where the vehicle exemption is habitually split. This--" Married debtors may not split this exemption, for example by claiming one vehicle worth $3,000 exempt and another vehicle worth $7,000 exempt"--is new to me. What local/Federal rule does this fall under for reference (as no cite is given)? What citation source clarifies this for future reference?

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ARS 33-1125 governs personal property in bankruptcy.

Each spouse has a $5,000 exemption that they can apply to the same vehicle or to separate vehicles.

ARS 33-1125

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it does to an extent. However, it doesn't explain what actual authority is being relied upon for "splitting" the vehicle exemption among different vehicles by a married couple, a situation being encountered more and more often through trustees denying the splitting and the author's assertion that it can't be done. Interpretation is one thing; I'm wondering what the actual authority is denying the splitting or if it is simply interpretation of the exemption. Thank you.


Are you applying a wildcard exemption under federal law?

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