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Spinal Cord Stimulator implanted & still having problems from surgeries...What should I do?

Muskogee, OK |

I had a Spinal Cord Stimulator implanted over 4 months ago. The first problem I had after the surgery was that I couldn't recharge my battery. I was sent a replacement charger & was still unable to charge my battery. After having an xray the Dr. discovered that my battery had flipped over. I had another surgery 2 months later to revise the battery & the surgeon said he stitched the battery in to place so it wouldn't move again. I keep having problems with the incision where the leads were put in & that incision was only opened once. I was having bleeding a little over a month ago & still have some drainage. I have had several people look at it & I have an open wound & the wires from the leads are showing. My Dr. has passed away since I have had the revision done. What should I do?

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I suggest that you obtain another surgeon to follow up with your care and make sure that everything is healing as it should be.

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