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Speeding ticket with a laser. Clocked at 72 mph in 40 mph zone.

Humble, TX |

I have appeared two times in the court already. First to plead not guilty and second to for the pre-hearing before a jury trial. Now my jury trial is set for next month. The problem is the prosecutor said that the officer used a laser gun to determine my vehicles speed. I have no idea how to go about representing myself in the court. And also do not know if I would be able to beat the ticket. Is it possible to beat a ticket when a laser is used since it is more accurate than radar. Alleged speed is 72 in 40 mph speed limit zone.

What are key points that can be introduced in the trial for my defense. Do I have a legal right as a citizen to ask questions to the police officer during cross-examination. If I choose to represent myself in court.

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You may cross examine any witness called by the prosecutor in the case in chief.

You need to study up on how to cross examine if you do decide to represent yourself.

It is complicated.


It will be difficult to beat a ticket clocked using a laser when the alleged speed is so high above the posted speed. You may want to focus on whether the officer followed procedure and whether there are any mistakes with the ticket or his recollection of the events.

Your chances of winning the trial will increase if you hire an attorney to represent you. The attorney will be familiar with court procedures and have trial techniques to increase your chances of winning.

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