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Speeding ticket upstate ny. da reduced the amount of points - can i still ask the COURT to reduce even more (to under six)?

Lewis, NY |

middle of night officer clocked me at 92/50, and made a spelling mistake re my personal information. i wrote to da that 1. it was 65 zone 2. mistake in transcribing etc.
da made a plea for 72/50 = 6 points.
i want to ask the court to make it under six points (to avoid additional fines)
its my first ticket!
should i write? what are my chances?

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Negotiating a resolution acceptable to you given the circumstances of your case will take an attorney familiar with the policies and procedures of the court to increase that likelihood.

Check with a lawyer in your locale to discuss more of the details.

Good luck to you.

God bless.

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I doubt the spelling is going to matter to the judge. If it was a 65 MPH zone, that is obviously pertinent information however you would need to show proof of that since I will assume the officer would testify that the limit was as he wrote it. A twenty point reduction is not a bad offer. The judge in the case really only has the discretion of setting the fine or dismissing the ticket. He does not do the plea bargaining. The Prosecutor does that. If you have proof of the MPH the police officer would still testify you were speeding 27 MPH over the limit. If the judge accepts the testimony you are worse off than you were with the plea bargain. If you want to fight it, don't try to do it yourself. Get an experienced attorney who knows your particular traffic court. If you don't want to fight it, take the plea than take the defensive driving course that will reduce the points by 4.