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Speeding Ticket Record

Orange, CA |

I received a speeding ticket in 2005. I fought the ticket and was found NIOT guilty. Orange County has a website located at

Whena search is done by name the record comes up and as a result the record is also on many databases throughout the web. Is there a way to have it removed from the official Orange County website since I was not found guilty. I did not commit the crime and feel that it is an injustice having the information up there for anyone to see. Had I been found guilty I could understand.

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Attorney answers 2


Because you won the case - it is not effecting your record - it doesn't count against your drivers license either. You could do a motion to the Orange County court for a finding of "factual innocence" and then seek to have your arrest record sealed - a big waste of time.

You won and you should enjoy it - don't worry about the record.


It is true, as the prior answer states, that you could file a petition for a finding of factual innocence. However, these motions must be denied unless there is no reasonable cause to believe you committed the offense. This is a VERY difficult test to meet. In many cases, reasonable suspicion exists even though the defendant's guilt was not proven beyond a reasonable doubt.