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Speeding ticket in safe zone ?

Plainsboro, NJ |

My wife got ticket for speeding 20-25 m/h in safe corridor on highway 1 in NJ.She never had any tickets before. Does she need any lawyer to go on the court? How serious will be consequences? Is there any way to avoid it?

Thank you very much for your help!

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She can go alone for the first appearance and speak with the prosecutor. If she is not satisfied with the offer, she could request another date to retain an attorney.


It's a 4 NJMVC points ticket. The fines may double if it's a Safe Corridor zone. If she is seeking a 0 NJMVC points downgrade it's advisable to retain an attorney. Thank you.


Another consideration is time. Per AOC directive, attorney cases are handled first. Your case can be handled in an hour most of the time with an attorney. Without an attorney you may be there for a long time and may need to make a second appearance.

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